It’s beginning to look a lot like…

The tree is up, the presents are wrapped and the wine is mulling – it’s that time of year again and we can’t wait for Christmas!

We’re big kids at heart, so it’s always great to see the festive spirit in the North East of England. We’ve had a fantastic year and have even bigger plans for 2013. We’d like to thank all of our customers, fans and followers for their support throughout 2012; it really means a lot to us.

So, to go out with a bit of bang and make your Christmas a total cracker (sorry, we can’t resist a festive pun!) here are our top design tips for festive crafts.

And remember, if you have any business or personal design projects in the New Year, we can help with everything from business card and flyer design to printing and logo creation.


Make your own snow-globes – Not only do these make great Christmas Eve entertainment for the whole family, they’re also awesome handmade gifts. And the best bit is that they’re easy to make. All you need is a clean, clear glass jar with a well-fitting lid, a small Christmas ornament, strong adhesive that won’t dissolve, glitter and water.

  1. Glue the bottom of your ornament to the inside of the jar lid. This will form the base of your snow globe, so make sure it’s the right way up.
  2. Leave to dry, following the glue instructions so that the ornament is secure.
  3. Take the empty jar and pour in the glitter. You can combine different colours, shapes and sizes to create a unique look.
  4. Slowly fill the jar with water, being careful not to overfill and spill any glitter. Depending on the size of the ornament, leave a couple of centimetres at the top of the jar so the lid can be screwed back on without spilling the water.
  5. Put the lid back on the jar, making sure it’s sealed. If it’s a little loose, you can add some glue to keep it on.
  6. Give your snow globe a shake and watch the glitter go!


Personalised Mince Pies – We like this one because we can disguise shop bought mince pies as our own creations without even having to switch the oven on! All you need is a selection of mince pies (you can make them yourself or buy them), some edible glitter, water, doilies or stencils and icing sugar in a sprinkle shaker.

Glitter mince pies – To attach your edible glitter to your mince pies, you’ll need to start by making some sugar glue. Heat sugar and water in equal measures in a saucepan on the hob, until it becomes gloopy but clear. Using a pastry brush (or paint brush), brush the glue onto the mince pies and sprinkle the edible glitter on top. Leave to dry then serve.

Icing sugar mince pies – Take your stencil or doily and place on the top of a mince pie, then sprinkle  icing sugar over the top. It needs to be quite thickly layered so your design really stands out – you can go for a vintage lace look or even kids characters if you can find the appropriate stencil. The fiddly bit is removing the stencil, lift it up steadily and be careful not so smudge. The finished result? Stunning mince pies in 30 seconds.

And – Why not personalise your mince pies with guests’ names? All you’ll need is an icing pen and a steady hand! You can combine the personalised with the glitter or icing sugar designs above.


Easy-peasy wreath making for kids – This is the perfect messy activity for little ones, and you just need construction paper, green finger paint, glue and a bow. You might also like to use some glitter pens or Christmas stickers to help decorate the finished piece.

  1. Get your little one to dip their hand in paint and press it onto the paper, creating a green hand print. Repeat until you have approximately ten prints, then leave to dry.
  2. Cut out each hand print once they’re dry, and arrange in a circle making a classic wreath ring shape.
  3. When you’re happy with the shape, glue the handprints together so the wreath is secure.
  4. Glue on the bow and there you have it – your wreath is ready for further decoration or display.


We hope you enjoy our festive crafts and design activities. If you have any other top tips please share them in the comments below. You can also add photos of your finished creations to our Facebook page [] – we’d love to see them.


Merry Christmas all, from all of the JAK Print and Design Team!


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