JAK HQ Update: New Year, New Prints and No Cigarettes..

It’s the first week of 2013, and all of the team are back at JAK HQ and ready to help with your print and design needs.

Our big news this week is that Lewis, our Marketing Advisor, is giving up smoking as his New Year’s Resolution. Over the coming weeks he’ll be sharing his thoughts on our blog every Friday and hopefully encouraging other to stick with their resolutions – even when the cravings kick in… So over to Lewis!

This is currently the fourth day without a cigarette, it is hard as other colleagues are still smoking. I am currently using an electronic cigarette which makes it feel like I am still smoking but doesn’t have the health concerns that come with it. The reason I decided to stop smoking is mainly because of my fitness, as I am only 18 years old I still enjoy keeping fit, playing football etc, and smoking made this harder for me as I struggled to take part in games for as long as I used to be able to. I am hoping to get my fitness back so I can start playing football again which I have done since I was 6 years old.

I want to be able to support others who are quitting smoking by blogging about my experiences, so if you have any questions then please comment them and I’d be happy to give an honest answer. I’d also love to hear your quitting smoking stories, so whether you’ve stopped for seven days or seven years, all advice and encouragement is appreciated!

Lewis 🙂


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