How to create an inspirational work space…

We love a good workspace, who doesn’t? A comfortable, stimulating work environment makes it a joy to arrive at the office, and builds a friendly, positive company culture. The biggest tech players like Google and Facebook have legendary offices; you can view some of the most impressive images of them here. But what about us smaller guys, who want to create an inspirational work space without the big budget or corporate freebies? Well, here are our top tips for building an office space where you and your staff can work hard and have fun.

  1. Get your staff’s input – A workspace should be a reflection of your team as a whole, so start any office redesign with a chat about what would work, and what everyone would like to see.
  2. Don’t forget your corporate image – After deciding what your team would like, think about how you can put your business stamp on your office too. This space will help visitors establish just who you are and what you’re about, so make sure your office represents your work as a whole.
  3. Consider what you need – When redesigning your office, it’s easy to think about style over substance, so focus on practical needs first. Calculate how much space you need for desks, meeting areas, receptions etc and work with your requirements to make the most of the space you have available.
  4. Get colour-conscious – Think about which colours inspire you and which make you feel calm, and how they might complement your brand. It might seem like a fun idea to paint all of the walls vivid orange, but sitting in such a bright room might give you a bit of a headache so consider a feature walls to add pop without being too overpowering.
  5. De-clutter – a clean desk is a zen desk, and when the workload gets high, we’re all prone to letting documents pile up and chaos to ensue. To stay inspired, add lots of storage space so you can organise your stuff, keeping everything out of sight when you don’t need it and easily to and when you do.
  6. Get some cool art – You might want to get your staff to suggest some of their favourite prints, or even create their own art to be displayed on the walls. It’s tempting to showcase work or awards only for the sake of visitors, but add some art that appeals directly to your staff and you’ll keep them inspired.
  7. Add learning space – Key to any inspiring office is space to develop your knowledge, and it’s really easy to add. Be sure to include a bookshelf where you can build a collection of industry relevant books that staff and visitors can browse, and you could add whiteboard space for brainstorming sessions. Blackboard paint doubles as a feature wall and gives you a big creative space for staff to jot or doodle ideas, helping bring creativity to your office.

So there you go, it’s that easy. Just think outside of the box a little and you’ll be sure to create an inspirational work space that really works for you and your team.

What are your top office design tips? Let us know and share your photos in the comments below.


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