Five Tips For Business Card Design

Whatever you do, a good business card is an essential. It’s often the only piece of promotional material you’ll leave with a new contact, and recent studies show that the better designed a business card is, the longer it’s likely to be kept by its recipient. So, how can you put together a card that’s good enough to win you business?

Here are our top five tips for awesome business cards:

Include a range of contact details – traditionally, you’re going to want to include your name, title, phone and email, but you may want to also include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other applicable social networks. It’ll encourage customers to contact you via those links, and help build your network effectively.

Use both sides  – don’t just let the space on the back go to waste, take the opportunity to say something about your business. Think about dedicating one side to an image or your logo, and keeping all of your text on the other, it’ll help keep the card looking neat and well presented.

Think about effects – If you think a business card is just a business card, click here to order a sample pack from us to see the range of different finishes and effects available. With hot foil, spot UV, matt or gloss features, we’ve got a huge range for you to pick from. So, what’s your brand look – shiny luxury or matt cool?

Make it readable – Maybe the most important tip here, but use contrasting, easily legible font colours and styles. Customers need to be easily able to read your details, and pick out important contact information like your phone number or email.

Play with size and shape – If you think you’d like to go outside of the traditional business card box, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help you create something a little bit special – it’ll keep your card top of the pile.

We can also help with awesome design services, our lovely in-house graphic design team is on hand to ensure your business cards look great and do the job. Contact us for more information.


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